Hello new friends and Staticians!

#STATIC is nearing the end of it’s successful festival run and will soon be broadcast on TV and online. We’re not updating this page very often, but please join us at our Facebook page and on Twitter for all the latest news!



Perk fulfillment: New character name!

Hello friends and Staticreators!

It’s time for another update! As you all know, one of the perks of our campaign included the chance to give one of our characters, BILLY’S WIFE, a real name. Well, after much deliberation and consultation, we’ve finally decided on the winner.

From here on, “Billy’s Wife” will be known as:


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed at that level (and to everyone else, again!) and who submitted a name! This character name change will appear in further versions of the script, in the film’s credits, on our blog and social media, the film’s IMDB page, and anywhere else that character names appear. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks so much to everyone for following our progress on Static, we love the company! Stick around, we’ll have some more exciting updates about our upcoming shoot for you soon!

Yours in fuzziness,

Tanya 🙂

So, then THIS happened!!



So, then THIS happened!!!

Thanks to 106 kind supportive souls, including two mysterious, extremely generous benefactors, we’ve reached OVERWHELMINGLY beyond our goal!!


To say I’m thrilled is an understatement – this is truly incredible. I am awed, humbled, exhilarated, and most of all, INSPIRED!!

This is going to be a fantastic little film, in very large part thanks to the help of people like all of YOU!

So OK, here we go, it’s time to make a movie!

Now that we have a better idea of what we’re working with, we’ve put the hammer down and are headed full-speed into production mode, set to come screeching into our shoot mid-August (well, screeching silently of course, because we’ll be ROLLING!)!

We’ll keep posting updates with news of our production adventures, so please stay tuned!

Thanks again, so much – this movie would not have been made without your help, and it’s going to be that much BETTER because of it!!

Much love from STATIC HQ,




Tragic? Not really. Let’s play!

My dear Staticrusaders!

On this last day of our Indiegogo campaign, it occurred to me that I haven’t shared any of The Tonguedolly Exercises sweetly surreal cartoon concept art in a while, so here’s another…

Look at Ernest’s tragic face…THIS is how sad we’re going to be if we don’t reach our goal by Tuesday night!


Not really, because we’ve come so incredibly far, and you’ve all been truly, truly wonderful and generous and supportive throughout this entire process. It’s been such a huge learning curve for me, and such great fun, and it’s only going to be better from here!!

And of course, there’s THIS: WE CAN STILL DO IT!!

28 hours, just over $2800. For some reason, the numbers keep chasing each other along like they’re playing a game with each other…

Let’s play!! 😀

See you on the other side!


Scan 131730014


New Casting Announcement!

Hey there Staticasters!

It’s gone all beautiful outside, there’s only 5 (FIVE!!) days left of our campaign, and I’m now on hiatus from the Murdoch Mysteries and so happy I can now start prepping in earnest (ha, Ernest, get it?)! All that is to say that it’s time for another CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT!

Please welcome, as your COOKING SHOW HOST: Kristian Bruun!



Kristian has appeared in such popular shows as Covert Affairs, Nikita, Murdoch Mysteries, and most recently played the duplicitious Donnie in the ecstatically-received smash hit series Orphan Black. (No hot glitter glue was used in the making of this announcement.)

Welcome Kristian to Team Static! And speaking of team playing, check out Perk #6 on this campaign, for a chance to give Kristian’s character, the COOKING SHOW HOST, a name in the film!

Thanks so much to all of you, we’re in the home stretch!


Casting Announcement!

And on the 9th Day of Staticmas – that is, nine more days for Static’s Indiegogo campaign – I have a present for you. A new Casting Announcement!

I’m very pleased to announce that the role of BILLY will be played by…YANNICK BISSON!


Best known and loved as the titular Detective William Murdoch in the hit “CSI in the 1890’s” series Murdoch Mysteries, Yannick has been a sought-after staple in the film and television industry since his days as a child actor. Other credits include series Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy, and films Casino Jack and the dark indie Nothing Really Matters. And of course those great CIBC ads, which may well be the real reason Canada came through the global financial crisis basically unscathed, but of course that’s just speculation on my part. 🙂

And for the bonus gift, another announcement!

I’m pleased to announce that the role of BILLY’S WIFE will be played by Yannick’s gorgeous real-life wife, CHANTAL CRAIG!


A few of the effervescent Chantal’s credits include series Forever Knight, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Degrassi, and the Murdoch Mysteries, and she is also an accomplished writer with a book and several television series under her belt. Along with Yannick, Chantal spends a good part of her time tackling the raising of their 3 teenage daughters!

Big welcome to Yannick and Chantal!

More casting updates coming up in the next little while, keep watching this space!

Introducing Igor!


Hi my Static-y friends! (What do I call you? Staticites? Staticians? We’ll have to have a poll, or something…)

We’re having an absolutely astounding week in Static world! I’m so thrilled by all the exciting happenings going on – location scouting, crewing, casting, prepping, and by all the incredible people who are jumping on board! Thank you all!!

To celebrate, I’d like to make our very first Casting Announcement:

Introducing Igor Pugdog in the role of “Blackie the Dog”!

Igor is an emerging Actor/Model who also works as a St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog, as well as a Child/READ tested literacy dog who loves to have children read to him. Look at that sweet face!
More about Igor athttps://www.facebook.com/igor.pugdog and https://twitter.com/IgorPugDog

Welcome, Igor!

More casting updates coming soon, stay tuned!

And just like that, WE’RE PAST HALFWAY!

And just like that, WE’RE PAST HALFWAY!!

We’ve had a wonderful day in the world of STATIC, and I’d like to send out a very special thank-you to Karen Walton, of @inkcanada renown, who has claimed The Glory perk and an Executive Producer credit on the film!

For those of you who don’t know Karen, you should – she is a brilliant and tremendously-respected writer, a tireless and passionate supporter of other creators in the filmed and written arts, and a pretty incredible human being. We will be beyond honoured to receive notes from you, Karen. Thank you!

And yes, as I predicted on the Indiegogo page, it made me cry. :’)

Also, a special shout-out to Linda Tibensky, and Anonymous (whose name will appear in the credits, should they decide to reveal it at that time) who have claimed The Goodness perk, and will receive Associate Producer credits on the film, as well as have a chance to name the character of Billy’s Wife!

With this kind of goodwill behind it, I believe this is going to be a really great little movie!!

I’m all fired up now! So, what do y’all think, can we make 10 K by Monday? I think we can! LET’S DO THIS!!
Thanks again, all my Static-y friends!

Love to you all,


#5KbySunday pre-goal – we’re almost there!

Sunday’s been a great day for Static the Movie – we made some awesome new friends, and we made some serious headway on our funding! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!!

There’s still time – we can still make our ‎#5KbySunday midnight goal!! Only $525 still to get there – and only 8 hours left! Go go go!


Dog Audition!





It was the best kind of meeting – a dog audition! I met with the talented Igor Pugdog and his gracious parents. Igor’s a natural, look at that face!!